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Pre-Chat Forms


ProProfs Live Chat provides the Pre-Chat Form feature that enables you to collect user information which can later be used to create potential leads, cases, and contacts. These PreChat Forms can be easily created, edited and customized. 


Here's what a pre-chat form looks like:


How To Enable A Pre-Chat Form

Step 1:  Go to Settings. Under Chat Window, select Pre Chat.



Step 2: Next, Enable Pre-Chat Form.


Step 3: Once you have customized a Pre-Chat Form, click Save.


Customizing A Pre-Chat Form


The Pre Chat Form Editor has been shown below.



  • Header: The header is the text that appears at the top of the chat window.



  • Screen Message: The screen message displays a welcome message to the user.



  • Submit Button: Allows you to enter the text that will be shown on the submit button.


  • Add Field: The Add Field button is used to add custom fields to a pre-chat form. The Add Field opens a new dialog box where you can enter the type of field you need, the name of the field, and whether or not the field is required. When the field is required, you can display a validation message.