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What Are Announcements?


ProProfs LiveChat allows you to notify visitors about upcoming products, features and service updates. Since announcements can be displayed on every web page that has Chat integrated into it, announcements help reach a wider audience than a website's notification page. It greatly improves customer service and can reduce customer tickets. Announcements can also be used to redirect users to newly created or updated self-help articles.


This is what an announcement looks like.



Here's how you can add an anncouncement in ProProfs Chat:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Settings.



Step 2: In the left pane, select Greetings under the Chat Window option and then click Announcements. Proceed to create a new announcement by clicking the + Create Announcement button. Alternatively, you can also choose one of the announcement templates - Pro Tip, New Integration, and New Mobile App.



Step 3: Clicking the + Create Announcement button provides various announcement settings.



These announcements settings are explained below:

  1. Give a name to the announcement.
  2. Add a condition that will trigger the announcement. You can add multiple conditions by clicking the '+' button. There are four conditions you can choose from:
    • Time spent on current page
    • Time spent on website
    • User visited at least
    • Returning visitor
    • URL
  3. Customize the announcement in the following ways:
    • Edit the default text in the text box depending on your requirement
    • Disable or activate the Click Here button by clicking Yes or No.
    • In case you choose to activate the Click Here button, you can edit it by adding customized text and a link to it
    • Add an image to the announcement for greater impact
  4. Set the duration of the announcement and how often you want it to appear. You can also decide where you would like the announcement to appear on your website - Top, Middle, or Above Chat Icon.

Activate the announcement by toggling the On/Off button to On. Click Save when you're done with the announcement settings.