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What Are Announcements?


ProProfs LiveChat allows you to notify visitors about upcoming products, features and service updates. Since announcements can be displayed on every web page that has LiveChat integrated into it, announcements help reach a wider audience than a website's notification page. It greatly improves customer service and can reduce customer tickets. Announcements can also be used to redirect users to newly created or updated self-help articles.


The following article will guide you through the following:


This is what an announcement looks like.


How To Add An Announcement In ProProfs LiveChat


Step 1: Go to Settings---->Greetings.



Step 2: Next, Select the Announcements tab and click on Create Announcement.



Step 3: Name and edit your Announcement according to your requirements and click on Save.


Note: The name of the announcement can be seen only by you.


The Announcement Editor Window


Given below is the Announcement Editor Window.



On-Off Button:

The On-Off button is used to toggle the display status of the Announcement.


If-Then Condition:

The 'If' part is used to determine the conditions under which the announcement will be displayed. You can add multiple conditions with the Add button.



When using multiple conditions the 'Any' and 'All' clause can be toggled as per requirement. Under the 'All' clause, the announcement is displayed only when all the given conditions are fulfilled. Under the 'Any' clause, the announcement is displayed even if one condition is true.


The text box next to 'Then' is used to write the text that will be displayed to the visitor.




The button option is used when the announcement is being used to redirect to a different page. The 'Text' box is used for writing the text the button will display and the 'Link' is where the redirection link can be placed.




The image option is used when the announcement contains an image.



Display Settings:

The display settings are used to determine the time period of an announcement's display, its position in the webpage and the number of times it will be shown to the visitor.