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Visitor Monitoring Window (Desktop)

After submitting login information, Visitor Monitoring Window will open. It shows the status of the online user automatically. (All Visitors Button are active initially).


In Visitor Monitoring Window you will get three different options on the top left corner. These options are:


  • File
  • Tools
  • Help


In file option, you will get the “Logout option.”



In My Status, you can change your Online/Offline Status.


You can Logout from the application using Logout or Ctrl+Shift+X.


The next option is Tools. In this option, you will get various options such as:

  • Preference
  • Control Panel
  • Edit Password
  • Refresh Canned Messages
  • Operators' Messages
  • Chat Transcript
  • Local Canned Messages
  • Local Push URL's
  • Clean Registry
  • Raise Sticky


In preference option, you will get multiple options:

  • General
  • Sounds
  • Language
  • Spell- Checker
  • Connection
  • Idle



General who comes under "Preferences" will show you multiple options like:

  • Automatic Start: This option allows ProProfs Chat to start automatically when you turn on your computer. You don't need to click on ProProfs Live Chat Icon.
  • Confirm Before Closing Application: This option will ask for permission before closing ProProfs Chat.
  • Hide to System Tray on Minimize: If this option is clicked, the application will stay in the system tray when it is minimized.
  • Auto Chat Accept: If this option is marked then every chat will be automatically accepted by the operator. 
  • Auto Login: If this option is checked, your login details will be saved, and just by clicking on login, you will be able to access ProProfs Chat. 
  • Hide Block IP Button:  By checking this option, you can hide IPs in the visitor monitoring window. 
  • Play Sound Alert While Offline: Check this option if you want sound alerts while you are offline.
  • Secure Mode (SSL): Select this option if you want only one person accessing ProProfs Chat at one time. 
  • Show Chats in New Window: This option opens all the chats in new windows. 
  • Show Chat and Notifications: Selecting this option will enable the chat & message notifications.  


Sound which also comes under "Preferences" offers multiple sound profiles for multiple notifications such as chat request, chat transfer, etc. Here you can test the sound before activating it just by clicking on test button.

Language is next in line after sound and has multiple language operator interfaces. The operator can choose the interface of his/her desired language.

Spell Checker option offers assistance while you type any text and it is available for multiple languages.

Connection option allows you to manually add connections to ProProfs. If you don't intend to do so, then select default connection.

Idle option allows support operators to go offline automatically if the system is in Idle mode for the time set by you.

Refresh Canned Messages

In this option, an operator can refresh the canned or pre-written messages which are available in the control panel.


Operator's Messages

This option allows you to see individual operator messages & chat transcripts.  Operator messages & chat transcripts are saved automatically in this application. Also, an operator can initiate a chat & send messages to other operators just by clicking on an operator name available on the right sidebar.

Control Panel Button

The Control Panel Button could be enabled/active or disabled/inactive depending on whether you or your chat operator has administrator rights. An active control panel window gives you the access to make necessary changes, updates and modifications. 


Chat Transcripts

In this option, an operator can see individual chat transcripts, i.e. conversation with visitors. Operator can also mail those transcripts from here.


Local Canned Messages

In this option, an operator can add personal canned responses that can be used during chats with visitors to save time. These canned responses will appear only on particular operator's chat window who has added it.

Local Push URL's

In this option, an operator can add his own push URL’s that can be used during chats with visitors . These push URLs will appear only on particular operator's chat window who has added it.

Help: In Help option there are two options.

  • Help manual for using ProProfs Live Chat Software
  • About us.


Next segment contains Chat Online/Offline, Call Back Online/Offline, All Visitors/ Chat Only & Logout options.


In ProProfs Chat, there are certain shortcut keys for various functions. You can operate these options by using keyboard.


Key Shortcuts for multiple options:

  • Chat Online: Ctrl+Q
  • Chat Offline: Ctrl+W
  • Call Back Online: Ctrl+R
  • Call Back Offline: Ctrl+T
  • All Visitors: Ctrl+A
  • Chats Only: Ctrl+C


Details Button

In the visitor monitoring window, you can view various details of site visitor by clicking the view details button or by right clicking on selected IP address and choosing view details. Visitor details are divided into the following categories:


Personal Information

This includes a visitor’s name, email address, custom information, URL and referrer if available.


Regional Information

It shows GMT, currency, population, language spoken, geographical location, city and region of the visitors.


System Information

It gives us the information about a visitor’s computer like Key Words, web browser, operating system, screen/colors, computer language, Java, system/browser information with IP address (IP).


Visiting Information

To know more about your customers interest in any particular web page of your site, you can either click the Foot Print button in the center of the page or right click on selected IP address and choose the Foot Prints in the menu. Pages visited are displayed as shown below.


Invite Button

This option allows you to invite a website visitor for chat. 


Delete Button

This option allows you to delete one or more visitors from the visitor’s list. You can simply select the visitor IP and click the Delete button. A small window will appear to ask for the confirmation to delete.


Block IP

This feature allows you to restrict certain visitors from initiating a chat request. To activate this feature, click Block IP button. A screen shot of the same is shown below:


Chat History

In this option, an operator can see his chat history i.e. conversation with visitors. The operator can also mail that transcript from here.

Proactive Pop URL

This feature enables you to send a web page to the selected visitor. It also gives you the option to open this URL in the same window that the visitor is currently at or it opens in a new page.


Online Operator(s)

It shows the list of all the operators along with their status i.e. (Online or Offline)