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Real Time Visitor Monitoring


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Visitor Monitoring Window displays the list of visitors on your website along with details like geographical location, IP address, time spent on the page, and the web page they are currently on.


Here is how a fully functional real-time visitor monitoring  window will look like:


To start monitoring  visitors, follow these steps: 


Click "Launch Chat" on the dashboard. Your "Real-time visitor monitoring window" will pop up in a new tab. 


Once the real time visitor monitoring window appears, you can see all the details and perform the associated actions. 


  1. General Details
  2. Advanced Details
  3. Operators


General Details:


On the real-time visitor monitoring window, you can get the details of the following:


Name - By default, the visitors are depicted as "Visitor" in the order they visit the website. Once the visitor fills in the pre-chat form to chat with an operator, the name will appear under the "Name" column. 


Email -  When visitors fill out the pre-chat form, their email is visible along with the names under the "Name" column.  


Status - The status column shows you what the visitor is doing on your website. A visitor could be either browsing, chatting or leaving the website. All statuses are depicted with an icon. You can hover over the icon to see the status. 


Duration - It shows the duration of a visitor on your website. 


Page - The page tells you the exact URL a visitor is browsing. 



Advanced Details:


Click visitor's name to access their advanced details:


Browser - It shows which internet browser the visitor is using. (for example Chrome, Firefox, etc.)


Operating System - It shows which operating system the visitor is using. (for example Windows, iOS, etc.)


Device Platform - This shows which device the visitor is using to browse your website. (for example Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.)





Here's what you can see in the operator column:


Online - Check which operators are online. 


Offline - Check how many operators are offline.


Engaged - This shows how many operators are engaged in a conversation with a visitor. 


You can perform the following actions from your real-time visitor monitoring window:


Invite a visitor to chat - Click the "Invite" button and invite a visitor to chat by prompting an automated greeting. Once the visitor accepts the invitation, the visitor chat window will open.


Monitor chats between operators and visitors - You can check if a visitor is already in a conversation with an operator. You can join the conversation anytime and monitor the chat in real time. (This feature is only accessible to administrators)


Chat with an operator - You can start chatting with an operator anytime by clicking the name of the operator you want to chat with.









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