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Real Time Visitor Monitoring


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Visitor Monitoring Window displays the list of visitors on your website along with details like geographical location, IP address, time spent on the page, and the web page they are currently on.


Here is how a fully functional real-time visitor monitoring  window will look like:


Here's how you can monitor real time visitors: 


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click on the Launch Chat button to go online.



Step 2: Once the chat is launched, you arrive on the Monitor Window as shown in the screenshot below. On this screen, you can see all your website visitors, and their details, under the following columns: Name, Status, Action, Duration, Page, Location, and Device. You can also see all the chat operators logged in at that time, on the right side of the screen.



Each column is elaborated below:


Name: As the name suggests, this column displays the name of your website visitors. By default, a visitor is simply mentioned as "Visitor". The first visitor to come to your website during your login hours is displayed at the top and so on.


After a visitor has filled a pre-chat form, their name would start appearing instead of the text "Visitor" under the Name column. Additionally, this column also displays the email ID of a visitor below their name.


Status: This column shows you what activity a visitor is doing on your website. For example, browsing, chatting, leaving the website, etc. Different statuses are depicted by different icons and you can hover the mouse pointer over them to see what a particular visitor is doing at a given point of time.


Action: This column displays an action that you can perform to interact with a visitor. For example, when a new visitor arrives on your website, the Action column shows Invite, which allows you to send a chat invite to that visitor.


In case a visitor sends a chat invite to an operator, the Action column shows Accept for that visitor. There's also a third action called Join which enables an operator to join an ongoing chat between a visitor and another operator.


Duration: This indicates the time that a visitor has spent on a particular page on your website. In case a visitor is chatting with an operator, the Duration column shows the real-time duration of the chat.


Page: This column shows the URL of the particular page that a visitor is on at that point of time.


Location: This column shows the location of a visitor in terms of the city and country.


Device: Shows the device name, operating system, and the browser a visitor is using to access your website.


If you like, you can click a visitor's name to access their advanced details:

Step 2.1: You can see a list of all your chat operators on the right side of the Monitor Window, as shown in the screenshot below. You can see their statuses and also chat with them by clicking their names.



The status of chat operators is determined by the following colors:


Green: The operator is online and present on the Monitor Window or involved in a chat. Please note that an operator can initiate a chat only through the Monitor Window.


Orange: The operator is online but either not present on the Monitor Window or has been idle on the Monitor Window for at least 3 minutes.


Red: The operator is offline but still logged in the ProProfs Chat account.


Gray: The operator is logged out of the ProProfs Chat account.






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