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Visitor Chat Window Settings



You can customize the chat window as per your requirement. Here’s what all you can do with visitor chat window:




With ProProfs Chat, you can change the theme of your chat window as per your brand. 


To change the theme of your chat window, perform the following steps:

Step1. Click "Settings" on the header tab. (refer to the screenshot below)


Step2. Now, click on "Theme" under "Chat Window".  You'll see a sample chat window on the right with options to change the color and theme of chat window on the left. (see the image below)



also, you can now change the Chat Style to Chat Bubble



Step3. Change color of the chatbox header, text and message color of visitors and operators as per your need. You can also the change the position and size of chatbox.


Note* You can see the changes you make on the sample chatbox on the right.


Step4. If you want to make more customized changes then click on "Advanced CSS Customization". A box of CSS code would appear (see screenshot below). Make changes as per your requirement and click on "Save".




ProProfs Chat offers you to put your company's logo on the chatbox. It is easy and simple! 

Step1.  Click on "Logo" under "Chat Window" in Settings. 

Step2.  Once you click on "Logo", you will see the option to "Upload" and browse image directly from your computer. (see image above). You can also change the position of the logo, now click 'Save' to make the changes.


Note* Your logo will appear only on a separate chat window. 



You can make changes in the chat window as per your requirement. Under "Chat Window", you'll see "Settings" option. 


Once you click on it, you'll see the following settings: 



Emoticons: You can enable it in order to use emoticons in chats. 


File Upload: Select whether you can share files on a chat or not. 


Chat Rating: This will display the chat rating after once visitor is through with the chat.


Chat Transcript: This will display the whole transcript of the chat once it is through.


Auto close: Enable this to close chat automatically after a period. You can select the time after which the chat closes. 


Email transcript: This will automatically email the chat transcript to the provided email address when enabled.


Timestamp: This will display the time of each message in a transcript.    


Settings - Real time monitoring 

Maximum Wait Time: You can enable it to set a maximum queue time for visitor (in seconds). After this period, the visitor will get a "All operators are busy" message. 


Auto Logout: Select  the time after which all the operators will be logged out automatically. 


Language Customization 

With ProProfs Chat, you can add more languages and customize the text fields as per your requirement.

To add new languages, follow these simple steps:

Step1. Click on "Language" under Chat Window in Settings. 


Step2. Click on "Add new language". See screenshot below.

Step3. Select the language you want to add from the list and choose the status of the language.  Click "Save".

Language - Chat Messages 

After you are done with adding languages, you can change the text fields as per your need.



Language: You can select the language to be used in ProProfs Chat.


Note* All the new languages you add will be shown in this list. 


Widget online text: This is the text which will come as the header on the chatbox when it is online. 


Widget offline text: This text will be shown to the visitors when your chat is offline. 


You: This is the representation of your texts sent to the visitor. So, for example, if you change it to "Operator", then any messages sent from your side to  the visitor would have "Operator" written adjacent to it.


Operator is typing: This is the text that would appear on visitor's chat window, when an operator starts typing.


Are you sure you want to close this chat:  This message will pop up on visitor screen when visitors try to close the chat.


End chat: This text will be on the button to close chat.


Email transcript: This text will be on the email transcript button. You may change the text but clicking on it, the transcripts would get emailed to the email address provided.


Transcript sent successfully: This message will pop up when the transcripts are emailed successfully.


Email: This text field is for the email.


Message placeholder: This text would be on text box where you can type your message. As soon as somebody starts typing, the text disappears.


Language - End Chat 

These messages will appear once the chat with a visitor is over. 



Rate this chat: This text will appear to the visitor after the chat, when visitors are asked to rate the chat. 


Poor: This is one of the rating option. You can change the text as per your decision. 


B. Average: Another rating option valued as below average. 


Average: This is another rating option to rate the chat as average.


Good: This is a rating option to rate the operator as good.


Excellent:  This is a rating option to rate the operator as excellent.


Your rating is: This is the text that would show the given rating by visitors.


IP:  This text would appear adjacent to the IP address.


Date: Text to show the date.


Time: Text to show time.


Operator:  Text adjacent to operator's messages.


Chat transcripts: This text would appear as a header when chat transcripts are emailed to the provided email address.


Language - File transfer

Similar to the Chat Messages, you can change the text that would appear when transfer of files take place. 


Size will not be more than 3MB: The size of the file you can share via ProProfs Chat is 3MB. 


Sorry, there was a problem uploading your file: This text will appear when there is a problem in uploading the file.


Transfer: This text will appear on the file transfer button. 


Language - Callback

These messages are shown to the visitors for callbacks.


Note* The text of all the messages can be changed as per your language change and requirement. 




Pre Chat Form


With ProProfs, you can easily edit, customize or disable prechat form on your website. To get to Prechat form settings, click on “Settings” from your dashboard and hit “Prechat Form” under “Chat Window”.  


Pre Chat Form


Note* Default pre chat form will include all the fields but you can change the text for each field. Every change you make will reflect on the sample pre chat form on the right. (see screenshot above)


Enable: If you don’t want any pre chat form, then simply switch the toggle to "No" and then save.

Header: The text that will appear on top of the form.


With Custom pre chat form, you can select that fields you want to add and you can add new fields to it too.



Post Chat Form


With ProProfs, you can add a post chat survey for your visitors. This way you can get feedback on about your operators and much more. 


Post chat survey setting is located under "Chat window" in "Settings". 


Custom Post Chat Form


With custom survey form, you can add, edit or delete fields as per your need. You can also edit the texts for each field.


Note* The chatbotx on the right in the above screenshot is a sample. You can make changes and see how they would appear on the sample before you save your settings.

Your own post chat survey URL

You can post any of your third party survey by pasting the URL and selecting its height and width. (See screenshot above)

Note* Only verified Urls are allowed. (https://)



Offline Messages

You can set an offline message form for visitors when your operators are offline. Visitors can fill this form and live chat reps can connect with them later. 

Offline message form is fully customizable and you can edit or add fields according to your business.


To change offline message form settings, follow these simple steps:


Step1. Login to your dashboard and then click on “Settings”.


Step2. Under the “Chat Window”, click on “Offline Messages”. Once you click “Offline Message”, you will see the following settings:



Default offline form: The default form will have a regular style offline message form. You cannot change or add more fields to it, however, you can change the text of the field as per your need. 


Advanced: The advanced section allows you to enable:-
Show email: Enabling this would show your email address on the offline form.

Captcha verification: If you enable this, then the visitor would have to type a verification code in order to submit the offline message form.

Allow attachment: Enabling this would allow visitors to attach files with offline message form. 

Note* By enabling Javascript validation, the name, email address, message and verification code would be validated. For example: If a visitor types a wrong email address, then a message would pop up to ask for a valid email. The text for each pop up notification can be changed.

Offline Custom Fields


You can customize the offline message form as per your tailored needs. You can add, edit or delete any field as per your requirement.



Note* Apart from changing the text for every field, you can add more fields by clicking on “Add field” at the bottom of the screenshot shown above.

Offline Survey Form URL 

You can use your own form simply by pasting the url in the text shown in the screenshot below:



Note* You need to verify url before you can use your own form. Only secure urls are verified (https://)