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How to Access Visitor Chat Transcripts?

The entire conversation which happens between the website visitors/customers and chat operators is contained inside the visitor chat transcript.


This allows you to keep an archive of all your chats on file and can be used by your chat operators for training and evaluation purposes. 


To access your visitor chat transcripts:


Step1. Log in to Chat Dashboard.


Step2. Click on "Visitor Chat" under "Transcripts." Click "Advanced."

Note* In the "Advanced" tab, you can select any operator from the operator's drop down. This allows you to see the transcripts for the selected operator with additional information like visitor's name, date, and duration of the chat.


Step3. To get operator specific chat transcript, select an operator from the drop-down, select the "Date range" and "Search criteria." Then, click on "Search."

Step4. Once you click on "Search," a list of chat transcripts of the selected operator will appear. You can click on the magnifying glass icon under the "View" column to see any chat transcript. (refer to the screenshot below)

Downloading chat transcripts:


Step1. To download chat transcripts, click on the "Download" icon above the "View" column. (see image below)

Step2. Once you click on "Download" icon, you will be taken to the archive of chat transcripts. Here you can select the "Date range" and download transcripts of any period. (see image below)








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