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Tickets and Tags

A ticket is a request from the end user that defines issues and concerns they might be facing with the product or service. Support tickets are the most common form of problem resolution, especially in the absence of live chat support.


This article describes the following processes:

How to resolve Tickets:

Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs chat account and navigate to the "Tickets" tab.


Step 2: On the tickets tab you can view the unresolved tickets as "open," the resolved tickets as "closed" and the responses sent to the users under the "sent" option.

Hover the cursor over the status option to view appropriate actions, you can click the checkboxes to apply an action to multiple tickets in one go. To manually resolve a ticket click on the ticket to open it.


Step 3:  Frame an appropriate response to the user, or you can forward the ticket to another member of your team. Once resolved, you can close the ticket by clicking the drop-down action menu above.  

How to add tags to a ticket:

Open a ticket and click the "+ Add Tags" button. Type the tag text and hit 'Enter' to save.

How to add tags to a chat transcript:

Step 1: From the menu bar, click the "Transcripts" tab.


Step 2: Tags can only be added individually to a transcript. Click the "view"  icon for the transcript you wish to add a tag to. 


Step 3: Click the "Add Tag" button to add a tag to the transcript.


Note: To add tags to a live chat read "Operator Chat Window."







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