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How Do I Use Tags?

You can add tags to streamline your tickets and transcripts. Using tags, you can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and transcripts so that you can fetch them with one click.


Tags are words or combinations of words, you can use to add more context to tickets and transcripts. Tags in Live Chat are like labels for records, they offer you an easy way to fetch a particular bunch of tickets and transcripts and work on them.


For example, you can tag specific tickets as "Bugs" or "Error" and so on, for transcripts you might want to tag all sales inquiries with a tag like 'sales' or 'about_sales.' 


Tags also offer a statistical advantage, for example, you can go in and know that 40% of your tickets are related to one particular feature, and of that 20% were bugs and the remaining were questions. And of those questions, 75% could be covered in docs. It takes some setup, but it’s super valuable to have that data and then watch the numbers shift.

This article describes the following processes:

How to add tags to a ticket:

Open a ticket and click the "+ Add Tags" button. Type the tag text and hit 'Enter' to save.

How to add tags to a chat transcript:

Step 1: From the menu bar, click the "Transcripts" tab.


Step 2: Tags can only be added individually to a transcript. Click the "view"  icon for the transcript you wish to add a tag to. 


Step 3: Click the "Add Tag" button to add a tag to the transcript.


To add tags to a live chat read "Operator Chat Window."

How to search or sort tickets/transcripts using tags:

Tickets- Navigate to the 'tickets' tab and sort tickets by clicking the desired tag. Refer to the screenshot below: Here we have sorted all the tickets which marked by the tag "Sales."


Transcripts- Navigate to the transcripts tab and sort visitor transcripts by clicking the desired tag. Refer to the screenshot below: Here we have sorted transcripts which are marked by the "Sales" tag.





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