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How Do I Use Tags?


Tags can be applied to chats, chat transcripts, and tickets. You can categorize chat transcripts and tickets according to the tags to see what kind of queries or issues your customers are facing the most.


This article highlights the following points:

  1. Creating a new tag
  2. Attaching a tag to an ongoing chat
  3. Removing an attached tag from a chat
  4. Attaching a tag to a chat transcript
  5. Attaching a tag to a ticket


Here's how you can create new tags:


Step 1: When you're on the operator chat window, locate the option Add Tag near the bottom-left corner of the chat window and click it.



Step 2: Click +Add New Tag and enter the tag name in the text box that comes up. If there are any tags added already, they'll appear above this option, for example, Bug, UX, Needs Content, Feature/Enhancement, and Suggestion.



Once you've created several tags, here's how you can attach them to an ongoing chat:


Step 3: Simply click on the required tag to add it to the chat. You can add a maximum of 10 tags to a single chat.



The added tag appears like this at the bottom of the chat window.



Removing an attached tag:


Step 4: Removing a tag from a chat is extremely simple. Simply click on the attached tag and it is removed from the chat.



Attaching a tag to a chat transcript:


Step 2.1: Go to Transcripts and click the magnifying glass icon to view a chat transcript.



Step 2.2: Click +Add Tag.



Step 2.3: Select the appropriate tag from the list of tags you created earlier and go back to the Visitor Chat Transcript screen.



Step 2.4: Back on the Visitor Chat Transcripts screen, click on the required tag according to which you want to sort the transcripts.



Attaching a tag to a ticket:


Just like you can attach a tag to a chat transcript, you can attach a tag to a ticket as well.


Step 1: Go to Tickets and select a ticket to which you want to attach a ticket.



Step 2: Click +Add Tag to add a tag to the ticket.





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