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How Do Tickets Help Improve Customer Support


Tickets enable you to provide support to your customers and website visitors even when all your operators are offline. Any offline messages are converted into tickets that can be taken care of later and none of your customer queries are missed.


Here's how you can access and manage tickets in Chat:

Step 1: Click Tickets from your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard.


Bulk Edit Ticket Properties


On the left, you can see the Open, Sent, and Closed folders. While the Open and Closed folders contain the open and closed tickets, respectively, the Sent folder contains tickets with the responses sent by your operators.


You can click on the individual checkboxes for each and perform the following actions:

  • Status: Close all open tickets with a single click
  • Delete: Delete tickets.

To open a ticket, just click it.


Step 2: On this screen, you can add tags to your ticket if you want to categorize them according to their nature. You can also reply to the ticket or forward it to another operator if required.


You can add tags to your ticket if you want to categorize tickets.