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How to Integrate Sugar CRM With ProProfs Chat

ProProfs live chat application provides seamless integration with Sugar CRM, the popular CRM platform that has come to be known as the flagship of the open source movement. Now all your chat sessions and visitor information are automatically stored in Sugar CRM with just simple integration.


Follow these step to integrate ProProfs with Sugar CRM.


  • You need to download the module for Sugar CRM ( Download ).
  • Log in to your Sugar CRM. Click the “Admin” area.

  • Then go to “Module Loader” in the Development Tool Section.
  • Browse the file and upload ProProfs Chat module in Sugar CRM.

  • Now install the module in Sugar CRM.

  • After installation, a Live Chat Link will appear in “All” tab. There you can see all the fields related to the chat transcript.
  • Download the PHP script file ( Download ) and change Sugar CRM path in the PHP file then upload this script on your server.

  • Login into ProProfs control panel. Go to “Preferences & Settings→3rd Party Integration”

  • Click on the “Chat transcript” tab. There is an option of “Enable & disable Message” select the “Enable” Button.

  • Place your website address in “Host” option and the Name of the file of sugar CRM that you upload on your server in “Script Path” option.
  • In “Port” you can leave it at “Default” HTTP, If you want the HTTPS connection then select the “Secure” mode.
  • Then click on “Check connection” an “Save changes.”


Now all the chat session will automatically store in your Sugar CRM account.








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