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How to Integrate Zen Cart With ProProfs Chat

Follow these steps for ProProfs Chat and ZenCart integration:

  • Download the plug-in application.
  • Then right-click on that ProProfs live chat zip file and unzip the live chat plugin to proceed further.

  • Go to (zencart→l2s) in that folder you will find a text file of “l2scode.txt”.

  • Edit that file and copy the codes from ProProfs control panel then paste that codes in that file, After making the changes please save the file.

  • copy l2s folder into Zencart→includes→modules.
  • Copy l2schat.php into Zencart→includes→modules→sideboxes.
  • Copy tpl_l2schat.php into Zencart→includes→ templates→template_default→sideboxes.
  • Login into your Zencart Admin Section to get started.
  • go to upper menu Tools→Layout Boxes Controller.

  • Click on sideboxes/l2schat.php and set the position of ProProfs live chat.

  • Click on update for save the change.