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How to Integrate SalesForce CRM With ProProfs Chat

ProProfs and Salesforce share and transfer information to manage sales and support workflow.


It drives Salesforce performance and profitability by keeping the chat operator up to date on any communication with the new or already existing visitor.


ProProfs Chat and Salesforce CRM integration enable the sales and support team to move the relevant information collected during live chat sessions directly to the Salesforce CRM.


With this integration new leads, customer's information and contacts will be created automatically as soon as you start a live chat from ProProfs.


Chat transcripts along with the other details collected via ProProfs Chat will be added to Salesforce to support sales leads for future reference.


If a user visits the site multiple times and is part of multiple chats with operators, the information will add as a lead in Salesforce every time the user takes part in a chat session. 

ProProfs provides the following sales driving features:

  • Stored customers data can be pulled out at any time for any reference.
  • Updated information of customers brings familiarity.
  • Increase chat efficiency and support functions.
  • Enhance customer interaction.
  • Real-time traffic analysis.


Salesforce has two experiences; Classic view and lightning experience. So, in order to perform this integration, you would need to switch your salesforce to classic view. Here's how you can do it:


Step1. Login to your Salesforce account.


Step2. From your dashboard, click on "View Profile". (see screenshot below)



Step3. Then click on "Switch to Salesforce Classic" as shown below.



Now, you just need to follow these simple steps mentioned below to integrate ProProfs Chat with Salesforce.


Follow these steps for Salesforce security token:

Step 1: Click Setup on the top right-hand side of the Salesforce page


Step 2: Now, go to the left-hand side menu, BuildCustomiseLeadFields.



Step 3: 

  • Create a new field with data type Text Area (Long).


  • Name the field "Chat Transcript" in the Field Label box. Then, Press Next

  • Set the field level security and then Press Next.

  • Click on Save.


Step 4:


  • Then go to UserMy Settings



  • PersonalReset my Security Token and click on “Reset Security Token”.


Step 5: Now check your mail, you will find the “Security Token” in the mail. 



Step 6: Login to ProProfs Chat. Then SettingsIntegration. Next, enable Salesforce.



Step 7: Click on Manage and Enter Your User ID, Password and Security Token then click on Save.



Step 8: After integration, whenever a lead is generated, the user details would be available in Salesforce.






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