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Video About: How to Monitor Your Chat Operator Performance


Reports display graphs and tabular data, giving you an overview of your chat and operator activity. The data is intended to help you optimize your customer support strategy and improve its efficiency.


The summary report answers all prominent questions related to your chat and operator activity and helps you analyze your team's performance.


Here's how you can access the summary report:


Log in to your chat account and navigate to the "Reports" tab. Summary is the default report that loads up. 

The summary reports allow access to data which answers questions like "How busy are we?" where you can view data for specific time periods and particular operators.  


Total Chats: This section provides incoming chat data. You can view data for total 'Daily,' 'Weekly,' or 'Monthly' chats.


Total Chats Rated: You can view data for how many of the incoming chats are being rated.


Chat Ratings: Data revealing what ratings have the chats been receiving. It helps in analyzing the quality of chat support.  


Missed Chats: Data for how many chats were missed by the support staff. It helps in analyzing the efficiency of your chat support.


Response Time: Data for how much time did the operators take on average to respond to a chat request. 


Active Status: Representation of data for the total duration when your operators were active.  


Total Chat Time:  Data for how much time have your operators spent being engaged in chats.


Average Time of Chat Sessions: Data representing the average time for a chat session.  


Chat Summary

It offers comparative data for chat requests, accepted chats and missed chats.  


The chat summary data is also available in a tabular form. Click the "Tabular View" button marked by the arrow in the below image. 


Here's a preview of the tabular view of chat summary. You can download the entire data on your local hard drive. 


You can view chat summary for a particular day by clicking the "View" button. 


Chat summary for a particular day lists all chats for the day, you can download this data, view the transcript for any chat session by clicking the "View" button and access the 'Hourly Report.'


Here's a preview of how the hourly report would appear. You can also view this data in the tabular form.







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