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Pro-active/Auto chat invitation

Proactive chat invitation allows you to invite a visitor to chat. This feature can help you assist your website visitors when they need you to solve their queries.



To set up a proactive chat invitation, follow these simple steps:


Step1. Log in to your dashboard and click on “Settings.”


Step 2. Under the “Advanced” section, click “Proactive (Auto Chat).” You will reach the

following settings:



Step 3. Fill in your specifications shown in the screenshot above. Here are few things to know when setting up your auto chat invitation:


Note* You can set up your proactive chat invitation in general, or you can set it up only for specific pages.


Enable Auto Chat: It will automatically pop the invitation as per your settings.


Time delay: This will decide the time period after which the chat invitation will pop up. You can select the reference point of the countdown from either once visitor land on a page or from when the session begins.


Invitation Action: This will decide where the invitation will pop up on the page. You can also select the font and size of the text by clicking on the respective button.


Style: The type defines whether your invitation would pop out as an invitation popup on page or directly on the chat window.


Scroll Action: You can decide whether the invitation will move on scrolling or not.




Step 4. If you are planning to target auto chat invitation on specific pages, then click on “Page specific.”



Step 5. Similar to the proactive chat invitation, fill in the specifications shown in the above screenshot to put chat invitation on specific pages. Once you are done with the settings, just copy the additional codes and paste it before “</body>” on the pages you want the invitation to pop up.




You can now invite visitors to your chat.









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