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Post-Chat Forms


ProProfs Chat provides the Post Chat feature which allows you to collect user feedback after a chat is over. The feedback can later be used to assess the abilities of your operators who handled the chat and the overall quality of the live chat service provided by you.


Here's how a post-chat form looks like:



How to Enable Post Chat Form


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Settings.



Step 2: Under the Chat Window option, click Post Chat. Then ensure that the Enable option is toggled Yes. This will provide you with Post Chat survey options - Survey Text and Custom Survey. By default, the Custom Survey option is highlighted, it allows you to integrate a survey either from ProProfs Survey Maker or any third-party Post Chat survey. Just add the survey link in the URL text field and you're done.



Step 3: Click Survey Text which will provide various fields that are a part of the Post Chat survey. The preview of the Post Chat survey is visible on the right, as shown in the screenshot below.



Each of these Post Chat fields can have customized text and is explained below:

  1. Post Rating Message - This is a text prompt which appears right below the header "Chat with us".
  2. Email - As the name suggests, it prompts users to enter their email ID.
  3. Submit Message - This is a text message which appears after a user has submitted the Post Chat survey.
  4. Placeholder Text - This is the Message text box in the Post Chat survey which prompts users to provide additional info in their feedback.
  5. Submit Button - Submits the Post Chat survey.
  6. + Add Question - This option allows you to add additional custom fields such as Text, Textarea, Radio, Checkbox, and Dropdown List. You can mark each field as Required, in which case, you can add a Validation Message for it.



Clicking on the Type dropdown list provides the available custom fields that you can add:



7. Message - You can toggle the Message text box by choosing between On/Off.


Finally, click Save once you're done creating the Post Chat survey form.