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Post-Chat Forms


ProProfs Live Chat provides the 'Post-Chat Form' feature which allows you to collect user feedback after a chat is over. The feedback can later be used to assess the abilities of your operators who handled the chat and the overall quality of the live chat service provided by you.


Here's how a post-chat form looks like:



How to Enable Post-Chat Form


Step 1: Go to Settings. Under Chat Window, select Post Chat.



Step 2: Toggle the Enable button to Yes as shown in the image above to enable the Post-Chat Form


Step 3: Once you have customized your Post-Chat Form, Click on Save.


Customizing a Post-Chat Form


Here's a view of the Post-Chat Form Editor



  • Survey Text/ Custom Survey: The Survey Text option lets you create a custom feedback survey with the editor shown above. With the Custom Survey option, you can link to an existing survey from ProProfs Survey Maker.



  • Post Rating Message: This option lets you change the text above the rating bar.



  • Email: This is the Email ID to which all the feedbacks will be sent.
  • Submit Message: Enter the message that you want to display to the user after they click on the submit button.
  • Placeholder Text: Enter the placeholder message that is displayed to the user in the feedback text box.
  • Submit Button: Enter the text that you want to see on the submit button.



  • +Add Question: It is used to add custom fields to a post-chat form. The +Add Question opens a new dialog box where you can enter the type of field you need, the name of the field, and whether or not the field is required. When the field is required, you can display a validation message.