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add chat to your website

Operator Chat Window

Operator’s chat window is equipped with all the essentials to provide exceptional support to your customers. With ProProfs Chat, you can send files, transfer chats and much more via operator’s chat window. 


Here are the steps to get you started:

Step1. Login to your ProProfs Chat dashboard.

Step2. From your dashboard, click on “Launch Chat”. (refer to the screenshot below)


Step3. Once you click on “Launch Chat”, real-time monitoring window will appear. This window will show you all the visitors currently on your website. You can click on “Invite”, to invite any visitor to chat with you. 


Step4. Once you invite a visitor to chat or the visitor starts a chat with you, you will see operator’s chat window. (see screenshot below) 


The top right corner of the operator’s chat window consists all the things you need to know:


Visitor details: You can see the visitor details such as Name, Email, Location etc. You can all see which product or page the visitor was browsing. Apart from these details, you can also see advanced details such as IP address, browser, windows and device used by a visitor. 

Transfer Chat: Under the visitor details, there is an option of “Transfer Chat”. By clicking this, an operator can transfer the current chat to any of the free operators. 


Block IP: Next to “Transfer Chat”, you’ll see the option of “Block IP”. As the name suggests, you can click on it to block the visitor’s IP address. Once blocked, the visitor won’t be able to visit the website with the same IP address. 

Canned Responses: You can click on “Canned Responses” to search for predefined texts to send to visitors. 

Push URLs: You can save links ready to be sent to a visitor at any anytime. This will save operator’s time in escorting visitors to pricing page or any other relevant pages.