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Visitor Conversation Window

Visitor conversation window is equipped with all the essentials to provide exceptional support to your customers. With ProProfs Chat, you can track user's activity, transfer chats and much more via the operator’s chat window. 


Here are the steps to get you started:

Step 1: Login to your ProProfs Chat dashboard.

Step 2: From your dashboard, click on “Launch Chat.” 

Step 3(i): Once you click on “Launch Chat,” real-time monitoring window will appear. This window will show you all the visitors currently on your website. You can click “Invite,” to pop an automated greeting on the visitor's screen and initiate chat. When your invitation is accepted by the visitor, the operator chat window will open(as depicted in Step 4).  


Step 3(ii): On the visitor monitoring window administrators can access ongoing chats between a visitor and an operator by clicking the "View" button.


Step 4: Any operator engaged in a conversation with a visitor does so through the visitor conversation window. Here's a preview:

What can operators do through the conversation window:

Operators can do the following:



Add Tags: Operators can assign tags to the ongoing chat by clicking the "+ Add Tag" button at the bottom left their window, and selecting the appropriate tag to add. Operators can also search for a tag or create a new one using the search bar.  To learn more about tags read 'Tickets and Tags.'


Visitor details: You can see the visitor details such as Name, Email, Location, etc. The details allow you to know what browser, operating system and device the user is using.  Under the details section, operators can find options to End Chat, view previous chat transcripts and transfer the chat. 


Canned Responses: Canned responses help the operators with swift assistance to the customers, operators can search for particular canned responses through the search box.


Activity: You can see which product or page the visitor is browsing or have browsed while navigating through the website. 


Push URLs: You can save links ready to be sent to a visitor at any anytime. This will save the operator’s time in escorting visitors to the pricing page or any other relevant pages. 

Transfer Chat: Operators can use the "Transfer Chat" option to transfer the chat to any other operator. 


Block Visitor: Click "Block this visitor" to block the visitor. Once blocked, the visitor won’t be able to visit the website with the same IP address.








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