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add chat to your website

Operator Chat Window (Desktop)

Whenever an operator starts a chat session with a site visitor, a new visitor chat window will open. This window looks like the one shown below:


The Visitor Chat Window enables you to view information about a particular visitor. This information includes:




  1. Personal Information - It includes Visitor Name, Email address, Custom Information, URL and Referrer if available.
  2. Regional Information - This includes GMT, currency, population, and country, language spoken in that country, city and region.
  3. System Information - It includes the Internet browser being used, the operating system, screen resolution/colors, system language, Java, system/browser information and the visitor’s IP Host (ISP).



  1. Close Chat Button
    Click the Close Chat button to end a chat session. When the chat session is closed by the visitor, chat closed message gets displayed.
  2. Response Button
    The Response Button shows predefined responses that help the chat operators to quickly answer live questions asked by site visitors /online customers. Operators can select and send the reply from the listed responses and can edit the response if required in the message box before sending.
  3. Push URLs Button
    Push URLs is used to send predefined URLs during chat with the visitors that help them to deliver information efficiently. One can select and send the URLs from the listed URLs. The selected URL comes in the message box and is delivered to the visitor by clicking the send button as shown below.
  4. Chat Transfer Button
    This feature allows to transfer chats to another operator after accepting a chat request. This option is useful when you want to transfer a chat to another department or supervisor to provide better service to the user. An administrator can join any chat by clicking on the IP address of that customer.

    Transfer a Chat to another operator:
    • Click on Chat Transfer option in the Support Operator chat window.
    • This opens the Chat Transfer window with a list of operators who are logged in and available for chat.
    • Select the support operator to transfer the chat.
    • Click Transfer button to transfer the chat to the selected operator. That operator can now take over the chat and start chatting with visitor.

      (Note: - Chat will not be transferred to an offline operator)
  5. Emoticons Button
    Use Smiley and other emoticons wherever required during chat to make the customers at ease. Click the Emoticons button to select the smiley/emoticons as required for the pop-up window listing smiley.
  6. File Transfer
    This feature allows you and your visitor to share a file or document. You and your visitor both can transfer files using the file transfer option available in chat window.

    To transfer a file
    • Clicking on File Transfer Button
    • Browse the file that you want to send
    • Click on Transfer to send the file



You can change the font, color & style of text as per your preference.

Co-browsing Button

Co Browsing enables chat operators to directly access the page being visited by the visitor on the website. This feature is activated by clicking the Co browsing icon in ProProfs Operator Chat Window. By activating this feature the chat operator is able to see the changed page instantly when the visitor changes the page at his end.

Snap Shot

A Snapshot is a customized version of live screen viewing, a potent form of Co browsing. It can be activated from the Chat Operator’s Window however this feature requires the visitor permission prior to activation as the operator cannot remotely navigate the site visitor’s PC without permission.


After authorization and activation of Snapshot feature, the site visitor's screen opens up in a new window on the chat operator’s monitor enabling the chat operator to view the visitor’s screen and support him effectively.

Chat History Button

You can retrieve all chat records of any visitor based on IP addresses. Click the Chat History button and view the entire chat listing for a particular IP address in a new window.