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add chat to your website

Send offline messages to a helpdesk/ticketing software via API 


If you use standard or custom off-line message form option on submission of off-line message email will be sent to the email id you specified and data will also be posted to url you specify along with other information.


Offline messages (Leave a message)

Following variables will be posted via the script path. 


l2s_sesid- Session ID
l2s_sid - Account ID
l2s_ip - IP Address
l2s_name - Name
l2s_email - Email address
l2s_msg - Message
l2s_date - Date


Incase of customized offline message from:


l2sesid- Session ID
l2sid - Account ID
l2ip - IP address
and number of field created will be accessable in the form of fld_1, fld_2, fld_3.....fld_n