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Nutshell Integration with ProProfs Live Chat

Nutshell integration is an upgraded web based application which allows you to work effectively as well as efficiently to save your time. It also helps you to manage your business leads, contacts and accounts. With ProProfs and Nutshell CRM integration your transcripts would be sent to Nutshell automatically and logged as activities. The main feature of this integration includes its smooth and easy to use interface with a powerful management tool. Android and iPhone apps both include Nutshell's detailed sales analytics data.

The salient features of this powerful integration include:

  • The reports or data is easy to store
  • Powerful sales transcript automation
  • Track your leads and sales representative's activities
  • It can be integrated with Google applications

Follow these steps for nutshell CRM integration with ProProfs Chat:

Step 1.

Login into your nutshell account.


Step 2.

Go to “Setup” → Api key



Step 3.

If all ready exit your api key then note down api key other wise add new api key.



Step 4.

Go to ProProfs Control Panel→ Preferences Settings → CRM Integration


Step 5.

Enter Your User ID , Lead Source ID and Api Key then click on Save Change


Step 6.

After Integration you will get new lead of Live Chat Transcript










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