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add chat to your website

Integrate ProProfs Chat with your Wordpress website.


ProProfs empowers you with the ability to connect to your visitors in real time on your WordPress website. Monitor visitors and capture leads on your website. 


Here's how your site will look after ProProfs Chat and Wordpress integration:


To install ProProfs Chat on your WordPress site:

Step1. Login to ProProfs Chat.


Step2. Navigate to Settings and then click on the installation and copy the chat installation code.


Step3. Login to your WordPress Admin Section.

Step4. Navigate to "Appearance", then click on "Widgets" option.

Step5. Navigate to "Text" widget under available widgets. 

Step6. Drag & Drop the Text widget into any of your active widgets section (preferably a Footer section, if available) . 

Step7. Paste the chat code in the "Content" section and click on "Save". 

Step8. ProProfs Chat is now embedded on your WordPress website.