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Live Chat in WHMCS

The WHMCS is one of the largest providers of frequent billing software for customer support services. It can recognize a registered client and get direct access to their ticket, profile and other specific information from chat interface. The chats are logged under WHMCS ticket history; it can detect if a site visitor is logged into your WHMCS installation and hence provides links to diverse WHMCS functionality. The link allows opening the WHMCS web area to view a client's summary, view orders, manage products and services, invoices, emails, view or edit support tickets.


ProProfs and WHMCS integration is studded with powerful features:


  • You can send high quality, customized and professional looking invoices.
  • PDF versions can be attached, including invoice notification and payment reminder notices
  • You can invoice or bill your customers in multiple currencies
  • WHMCS is all about integration and automation, it manages emails, password change, upgrades, suspensions and more
  • It provides automated billing which features automatic invoicing, payment processing, transaction logging, payment reminders, refund and cancelation of mass scale billing
  • With WHMCS you have all the product configuration options and functionality you need to run a successful and automated online business
  • It offers products which can be customized when ordering and also offer a wide range to choose from
  • It lets you manage domain purchases in an automated way, The WHMCS web area gives its user all the tools they need from a domain registrar
  • Domain locking can be performed to protect data from transferring
  • It support to post your latest news and updates on your websites
  • It can be installed quickly and readily
  • Multiple languages
  • Android Applications and iPhone are available
  • It has a portal look, but can be integrated as much or as little as you want


Step 1.

Go to ProProfs Control Panel→ Preferences Settings → CRM Integration


Step 2.

Select WHMCS from option


Step 3.

Enter Your User ID , Password and WHMCS Api URL(Example : http://yourdomain.com/includes/api.php) then click on Save Change


Step 4.

After Integration you will get new Ticket of Live Chat Transcript