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add chat to your website

Live Chat in Joomla

You need to follow these steps to integrate ProProfs Chat with Joomla. These steps will help you in adding ProProfs Chat Button on your Joomla page.


  • Download the plug-in application.
    Download 1.5.0 Version
    Download 1.6.0 & 1.7.0 Version
  • Then right click on that ProProfs live chat zip file and unzip the live chat plug in to proceed further.

  • Go to (mod_l2schat ) in that folder you will find a text file of “l2scode.txt”.

  • Edit that file and copy the codes from control panel then paste that codes in that file, After making the changes please save the file.

  • Go to the main folder (mod_l2schat)>Right click on that folder Send to →Compressed (Zipped) folder.

  • Congrats! You have successful fully executed your live chat plug-in.

  • Login into your Joomla account to get started.

  • Then go to “Extensions” → Extension manager.

  • Choose the plug-in that you have downloaded and then click “install”.

  • Extensions → Module Manager.

  • In that page search the “ProProfs” Module that you installed.
  • After completing search then Select the ProProfs Chat Module and click on edit.

  • In the “Basic option” menu enter your “ProProfs Site ID”. In detail select the position of your image where you want to display in your Joomla website.

  • Refresh your website and check the live chat is enabled in your website.