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Live Chat Icons


Live Chat icons allow your website visitors and customers to chat with your operators. You can have chat icons on multiple pages of your website, making it convenient for your visitors to strike a conversation.


There are three ways to implement chat icons on your website:

  • Chat Button
  • Multiple Chat Buttons
  • Jumping Chat Button


Note that when you apply any of these customized chat buttons, their respective codes will override the default Chat code, if any, already embedded on that particular webpage.


Chat Button


Here's how you can configure a chat button:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, go to Settings >> Advanced >> Buttons.



Under the tab Chat Buttons, you can perform the following actions:


1. Decide if you want to hide the chat button when your operators are unavailable. In case you choose not to, you can customize the look of the Offline chat button along with the Online chat button. When you're done, save.


2.  Copy the installation code and paste it on the webpage of your website you want this button to appear on.


Multiple Chat Icons


You can place multiple "live help" icon/text on different locations of your web page.


Here's how you can place multiple icons on a web page:


Step 1: Customize the location and appearance of your second or third icon.


Step 2: Click to view the 'additional code,' copy the code and paste it before </body> tag in the webpage you want the additional icon to appear.


Jumping/Bouncing Chat Icons


With ProProfs Chat, you can place jumping/bouncing icons on any of your web pages. This helps you to draw the attention of visitors to initiate a chat. 


Here's how you can place jumping icons on your web page:


Step 1:  Select the positioning, size, floating speed and other specifications. You can also upload icon images for offline and online mode.


Step 4: Click to view the 'additional code,' copy the code and paste it before </body> tag in the webpage you want the jumping icon to appear.



More Live Chat Customization Options


Video About:  How to Customize Your Live Chat Window






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