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Live Chat Icons

Customize chat icons to grab a visitor's attention instantly. You can place the icons anywhere on your website and customize them to match the layout of your web pages.


ProProfs Live Chat enables you to customize:

Chat Icons

A chat icon is the first step to engage your website visitors, you can customize them to grab their attention instantly. Here's how to customize chat icons in ProProfs Live Chat: 


Step 1: Navigate to "Settings" -----> "General" -----> "Buttons & Icons." Under the 'Chat Icons' tab click the 'edit' buttons to customize online and offline chat icons. 


You can also select to hide the chat icons when operators are offline.


Step 2: Select an appropriate icon from the image library or upload one from your local drive. Click "Done" to save the changes.


Multiple Chat Icons

You can place multiple "live help" icon/text on different locations of your web page. 


Here's how you can place multiple icons on a web page:


Step 1: Customize the location and appearance of your second or third icon.


Step 2: Click to view the 'additional code,' copy the code and paste it before </body> tag in the webpage you want the additional icon to appear.

Jumping/Bouncing Chat Icons

With ProProfs Chat, you can place jumping/bouncing icons on any of your web pages. This helps you to draw the attention of visitors to initiate a chat. 


Here's how you can place jumping icons on your web page:


Step 1:  Select the positioning, size, floating speed and other specifications. You can also upload icon images for offline and online mode.


Step 4: Click to view the 'additional code,' copy the code and paste it before </body> tag in the webpage you want the jumping icon to appear.



More Live Chat Customization Options


Video About:  How to Customize Your Live Chat Window






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