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How to Integrate Google Analytics With ProProfs Chat


ProProfs Chat Google Analytics Integration enables you to record visitors’ live chat actions in your Google Analytics account. The integration pushes the data to your Google Analytics account via the Analytics JavaScript. 
You need to save your account id (e.g. UA-123456-1) in your dashboard and then follow these steps to see statistics in your Google Analytics account.


If you want to track chat form, offline messages form and survey form statistics in Google Analytics, you need to generate code for multiple domains from your Google analytics account or replace existing codes in your web pages with the following codes after replacing your Google Analytics account Id (UA-xxxxxx-x).


<!-- Google Analytics →
(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
ga('create', 'UA-XXXX-Y', 'auto');  // Replace with your property ID.
ga('send', 'pageview');
<!-- End Google Analytics -->



To integrate ProProfs Chat with Google Analytics:


Step 1: Log in to ProProfs chat control panel with your valid credentials.


Step 2: Navigate to "Settings" -----> "Integration" -----> "Analytics,"  paste your Google Analytics account Id (UA-xxxxxx-x). 


Make sure you have both the ProProfs Chat code and Google Analytics tracking code installed on your sites to log all the information coming from ProProfs Chat to your Google Analytics account.


Here's how you can retrieve your Google Analytics account Id (UA-xxxxxx-x) and script:

(i) Navigate to "Admin" -----> "Tracking code."


(ii) Copy the Tracking code.


You can now set goals for different Chat window URLs given below, or you can see reports without setting goals in your account under ‘Visitors’ -----> ‘Custom Variables’ for chats from separate chat IPs.

 Add multiple goals with the following URLs:

  • For Online Chat window (URL:/ls3/chat.php )
  • For Offline Message(URL: /ls3/zvcmail.php)
  • For Survey Form (URL: /ls3/zvcp_sur.php)


Follow these steps to set goals:

(i) Navigate to "Admin" -----> "Goals," to set goals for ProProfs Chat in your Google Analytics account. 


(ii) Create goals and click "Save" to secure the changes.


(iii) Here's how the goals will appear:


Default reports added in your Google Analytics account

To check out, the default report, navigate to “Reports”-----> “Audience” -----> “Custom” and select “Custom Variables.”
You will see the activities for every visitor from a particular IP address.


Once you create and save goals, you can see the record after 24-48 hours for Google Analytics to start tracking. This is the standard processing latency” time for all data in Google Analytics. 





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