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Integration with Google Analytics

ProProfs provides Integration of live chat with Google Analytics, You just need to save your account id in control panel and follow the following steps to see statistics in your Google Analytics account.


If you want to track chat form, offline messages form, callback form & survey form statistics in Google Analytics, you need to generate code for multiple domains from your Google analytics account or replace existing codes in your web pages with following codes after replacing your Google Analytics account Id (UA-xxxxxx-x).


Now you can set goals for different Chat window URLs given below, or you can see reports without setting goals in your account under Visitors>Custom Variables for chats from separate chat IPs.




In Default report, you can see the activities for every user from a particular IP address.




Set Goals for ProProfs Chat Window


To Set Goals in Google Analytics account, Click on Analytics Settings>Profile Settings> Add goal, You can add multiple goals with following URLs in your account.


  1. For Online Chat window (URL:/ls3/chat.php )
  2. For L2S Offline Message(URL: /ls3/zvcmail.php)
  3. For L2S Survey Form (URL: /ls3/zvcp_sur.php)
  4. For L2S Call Back(URL: /ls3/vchat_callback.php)


See how to set goals in following pictures.




Once you create and save goals, you can see the record after 2-3 days in your account.