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How to Integrate InfusionSoft With ProProfs Chat

InfusionSoft is a complete sales and marketing automation software suite to help small businesses make their sales and marketing process simple. With its powerful features of CRM, Email and Social Marketing, it helps businesses streamline their processes, create targeted campaigns and boost sales. InfusionSoft is used by thousands of small businesses around the globe.


Redefine the way you serve your customers with the combination of InfusionSoft and ProProfs


Deploying our Live Chat solution with InfusionSoft helps you deepen your relationships with the customers in many ways. ProProfs Chat brings together everything you need into a Live Chat solution to provide excellent customer service.


With Infusionsoft ProProfs integration, the chat transcript will be posted to your infusion soft account at the end of every chat session.


How to integrate ProProfs Chat with InfusionSoft?

We have made the integration process of ProProfs Chat with different CRMs and other applications are totally hassle-free and quick. It takes not more than 10 minutes to enjoy a live chat facility into your InfusionSoft system. To get started.


For this, the Following details are required.


  • Application Name
  • API Key


Step 1.

First, you need to log in to your InfusionSoft account for the above details.


Step 2.

Get Application Name: Your InfusionSoft account denotes your application name. For example, if your Infusion soft URL is: myapp.infusionsoft.com, then “myapp” is your Application Name.


Step 3.

Get API KEY: See the following screens to see how to get API Key


Click on Admin Setting


Now click on Application



Step 4.


  1. Now Login into ProProfs Chat
  2. Go to SettingsIntegrationInfusionSoft



Step 5.

Enter Your Application name, API Key. Then, click Save.



Once you save the details, InfusionSoft Integration is done.


Now Do the test chat and close it. You will see the chat transcript in contact (Search with email) in “Notes” Section of that contact.






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