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How to Integrate iContact With ProProfs Live Chat

iContact provides professional email marketing solution to get better marketing results. Using its easy-to-use features, you can make a difference in your marketing campaign. Regardless of your skill level, iContact's exciting features and tools help you move seamlessly from building lists and designing emails, to sending messages and tracking opens and clicks.


Go beyond the inbox with ProProfs Chat to pinpoint more business opportunities

Our integrated Live chat solution enables to go beyond email marketing campaign and maximize the impact of your communication by using live chat. ProProfs Chat makes it easy for you to seamlessly interact with your existing customers, and track your new visitors for more sales opportunities. Our Live Chat solution's simple-to-use and flexible features help you improve your customers' experience, and serve more effectively anywhere and anytime.


How to integrate ProProfs Chat with iContact?

You can create a more intimate iContact integration with ProProfs Chat without any hassle of huge coding. You just follow the below steps and you are all set to start manage chatting in your iContact contact management system.


Step 1. First download API library for iContact and make a script using that library. Upload the script file and library file on your server.


Step 2. Now Login into ProProfs Chat control panel and go to “3rd Party Integration” Option


Step 3. Enter API Script url into pre chat form (Host Name and script path)


Step 4. Click on Save Change


Step 5. Now Login into your iContact account and go to contact section where you can able to see the contact details in your particular list.








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