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How to Manage Languages in Live Chat


The Language section is where you can manage all the language settings for Live Chat. Add multiple languages, create custom text for chat window, chat rating, as well as callback scenarios.


Here's how you can access and manage the Language setting:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Settings.



Step 2: On the left pane, click Language to access all language-related settings.



Let's begin by adding a new language:


Step 3: Click + Add New Language.



Step 3.1: Add a new language by clicking Language Name dropdown. You can even make your selection active/inactive by clicking Select Status dropdown.



Step 3.2: Clicking the Language Name dropdown displays the available languages.



Step 3.3: Click Select Status dropdown to assign a status to your selected language and Save. Click Back to go back to the primary language setting screen.



Step 4: When you are done adding languages, you can customize the language settings, which are divided into three categories.


(i): Chat - Language settings for live chat. Refer to the screenshot.




(ii): End Chat - These messages will appear once the chat with a visitor is over.




(iii) Call back - These messages are shown to the visitors when they request a callback.



Step 5: Click Save to secure the changes.


Note: The text of all the messages can be changed as per your language change and requirement. 




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