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How to Add/Delete an Operator


Add customer support operators to your site, so your visitors are never short on assistance. Operators can track real-time visitor activity on your website through the Visitor Monitoring Window and provide exceptional support through the Visitor Conversation Window


Live chat operators are the solution to providing 24/7 interaction with customers. A Live Chat Support Operator is responsible for answering queries and assisting customers through chat.


Here's how your operators will appear in your dashboard:


Follow these steps to learn how to add or delete an operator:


Step 1:  Click "Operators."



Step 2:  Manage Operators tab loads up, click "Add Operator" to invite a new operator. You can also delete an existing operator by clicking the delete icon for that operator.



Step 3: Fill out the required information and click "Save." A pop-up message will confirm operator addition.   


More Live Chat Customization Options


Video About: How To Customize Your Live Chat Window




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