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add chat to your website

How to Install ProProfs Chat on Your Website




Follow these steps to install live chat on your website:


Step 1. Click “Sign Up” on the ProProfs Chat website, it will take you to the sign-up form, fill out the form to set up your account.


Step 2. After completing the form you will be redirected to the chat window settings, navigate to the "Installation" tab where you will get the chat code.  


Copy this code and paste it in all the web pages of your website just before the </body> tag.


You can also send instructions to your developers by clicking "Send instructions to developer."



Integrate with CMS

ProProfs integration with numerous CMS platforms allows you to add live chat on your website and offer seamless customer support.


Integrate with Ecommerce

Integrate with numerous ecommerce platforms to install live chat on your website, boost your sales and offer delightful customer support. 







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