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How to Create a Push URL


A Push URL is a link that you may share with a visitor or customer through the Operator Chat Window. These Push URLs can be, for example, a link to a useful article, a link to an important webpage such as a pricing page, etc.


You can save these essential or frequently requested URLs as Push URLs and share with your website visitors and customers with just a click during a chat.


Here's how you can add a Push URL in Chat:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, go to Settings >> Advanced >> Push URLs and click Add New.



Step 2: Enter the site name, its URL, and save. Your Push URL is now ready to be shared.



Step 3: Once you've added a Push URL, you can edit or delete it by clicking the required icon under the Action column.



Step 4: Go to the Operator Chat Window and you'll find the new URL under the Push URL tab. Simply click the URL name to share it during a chat.





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