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How to Set up Pre Chat Form in Live Chat


ProProfs Live Chat provides the Pre Chat Form feature that enables you to collect user information that can be later used to create potential leads, cases, and contacts. These Pre Chat Forms can be easily created, edited, and customized. 

Here's what a pre-chat form looks like:

Pre Chat Form


Here's How To Enable A Pre Chat Form

Step 1:  On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, click Settings.


Navigate to Settings to Set up Pre Chat Form


Step 2: Under the Chat Window option, click Pre Chat. Then ensure that the Enable button is toggled Yes. This will provide you with various fields that are a part of your Pre Chat form such as Header, Screen Message, Submit Button, and more.


Set up Pre Chat Form


Step 3: Pre Chat fields such as Header, Screen Message, and Submit Button have customizable text. You can also choose to activate other fields like the Name, Email, and Phone.


Each of the Pre Chat fields is explained below the screenshot:


Configure Pre Chat Form


  1. Header - This is the title of the Pre Chat form. You can customize its welcome text in the given text field.
  2. Screen Message - This is the text present below the Header and indicates the purpose of the Pre Chat form to your customers.
  3. Submit Button - This button is used to initiate the chat. It can also be customized to read differently.
  4. Name, Email, and Phone - You can prompt your customers to provide these details by toggling each of these options On.


You can also add a new field by clicking the + Add Field button. Each field can be marked as Required. In that case, you can add a Validation Message for it. The Add Field template looks like this:


Add New Question in Pre Chat Form


By clicking the Type dropdown, you can choose which field you want to include in the Pre Chat form - Text, TextareaRadio, Checkbox, Dropdown List, and Privacy Policy.


Select the Question Type


The preview of the Pre Chat form is visible on the right side of the screen. Click Save when you're done creating your Pre Chat form.