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How do I Set up the Maximum Wait Time?


Admins can set the maximum time duration for a visitor's chat to accepted.


Here's how to set the maximum wait time:


Navigate to "Settings"----->Chat Window "Settings" -----> "Real Time Monitoring" and select "Yes" for "Maximum Wait Time," enter wait time in seconds in the field provided and click "Save."


Here's how the chat window will appear to the user during the 'maximum wait time.' The user can click "Leave a message" to directly go to the offline message form and skip the remaining waiting time.


How to enable auto logout

ProProfs Chat allows you to set-up auto logout for your operators, so the operators automatically log out of the live chat at the specific time or after the set period. 


Auto logout is a helpful feature that allows your operators to leave their dashboard without worrying about any unanswered chats.  


For example, if you have set the auto logout for 5:30 PM, your operators will automatically become inactive at 5:30 PM, in case there is an ongoing chat which is not over by the set time, the operator will log out as soon as the chat is over.


Here's how you can enable the auto-logout feature:


Navigate to "Settings"----->Chat Window "Settings" -----> " Real Time Monitoring" and select "Yes" for 'Auto Logout.' Set a specific time or period for the setting and click "Save" to implement the changes.









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