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How to Limit Incoming Chat Request for an Operator?


Chat Limit indicates the number of maximum visitor chat invites that an operator can accept automatically. This feature is only accessible to an admin and they can set up to 25 Chat Limits for themselves and individual operators.


For example, an admin sets Chat Limit of 15 for 'Operator 1'. This means, up to 15 visitor chat invites will be automatically accepted by 'Operator 1'. In case 'Operator 1' receives any more chat invites, he/she has the choice to manually accept the same or let it go.


Please note that the operators are required to enable the Auto chat option in their respective settings for Chat Limit to be applicable to them.


As an admin, here's how you can set Chat Limit for yourself and operators:

Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Operators and you can see the option of Chat Limit, as shown in the screenshot below.



Step 2: Click on the dropdown below the Chat Limit column to reveal up to 25 chat limit numbers that you can set. By default, Chat Limit for all available operators is set at 10. Click Save when you're done.



What happens when incoming chats exceed the limit?


The system does not automatically assign more chats to an operator already handling the maximum number of chats. The incoming chats appear in the operator's dashboard with an option to accept the request (refer to the screenshot below). The chat request will continue until the visitor cancels the request, or an operator accepts the request.



If "Maximum Wait Time" is enabled, the user's request will be active for the time duration set in "maximum wait time." 


In case the Maximum Wait Time gets over, the system assumes all operators are busy. The user requesting to chat is then shown a form (offline message form) so that they can leave a message.




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