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How to Add ProProfs Chat to Drupal Ver 6.X & 7.X Website


To set up ProProfs chat on your Drupal CMS you need to follow the below steps :

Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Settings. Then go to Installation and click Copy to clipboard to copy the Live Chat installation code.



Step 2: Download the ProProfs Chat module.
Download the Module file for Drupal-6.xxx.
Download the Module file for Drupal-7.xxx.

Then right-click on the module’s zip file and unzip the ProProfs Chat module to proceed further.


Step 3: Follow the path proprofschat-drupal7 >> proprofschat and open the file chatcode.txt for editing.



Paste the ProProfs Chat installation code in the file chatcode.txt and save it.


Step 4: Copy and paste the proprofschat folder into the following path: drupal >> sites >> all >> modules.



Navigate to modules and checkmark ProProfs Chat and click Save configuration.



Step 5: Then navigate to Structure >> Blocks.



Navigate to Blocks >> Disabled section and find ProProfs Chat.



Finally, set the position for your ProProfs live chat icon. Congratulations, ProProfs Chat has been successfully added to your Drupal version 6.x or 7.x website.





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