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How to Add ProProfs Chat to Drupal Ver 6.X & 7.X Website

We provide free trial to enjoy the ultimate benefits of live chat on your Drupal website.


To set up live chat on your Drupal CMS you need to :


  1. First, download the plug-in of our live chat.
  2. Then login into your control panel to get codes for live chat plug-in.
    • Click Here for Chat integration on Drupal 8.xxx
    • Download the Module file for Drupal-6.xxx.
    • Download the Module file for Drupal-7.xxx.
    • Then right-click on that ProProfs Chat live chat zip file and unzip the live chat plug in to proceed further.
    • Go to (l2schat folder) in that folder you will find a text file of “l2scode.txt”.
    • Edit that file and copy the codes from ProProfs Chat control panel and paste that codes in that file. Then save that file.
    • copy l2schat folder into drupal→sites→all→modules.
    • Go to Modules and checkmark l2schat module, Then click save configuration.
    • Then Go to Structure → Blocks.
    • Then Go to Blocks → Disabled section and find Live Chat.
    • Finally set position for your live chat icon.





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