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add chat to your website


With ProProfs you can direct chats to specific departments (for example, Sales or Support) in order to streamline help service.


Once you enable departments, a department drop-down list will appear in Visitor Chat Window  (pre-chat form). This allows visitors to choose which department they want to chat with, resulting in a more streamlined approach. 


If you don't want to display department in pre-chat form, you can also use the department specific live chat codes on different web pages of your website.


Here are the steps to add departments to your ProProfs Chat: 

Step1. Log in to your dashboard. 

Step2. Click on “Operators” from the header toolbar. (see screenshot below) 


Step3. Now, click on “Departments” from the side toolbar. 

Step4. After clicking on “Department”, Enable the department option by switching the button to “Yes”. 


Step5. Once you switch the button, you’ll get the option to add departments as shown in the example below: 


Step6. To add a department, click on “Add department”. Fill out the form, select the visibility and click on “save”. (refer to the screenshot below)



Note* The departments will only be shown to visitors if the "Visibility" is switched to "Yes".