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How to Customize Offline Messages


Offline Messages allow your customers to send mesages even when the Chat is offline. In this case, when a customer submits an offline message, it is converted into a ticket and is sent to your ProProfs Chat tickets dashboard.


Follow the steps below to customize offline message:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Settings.



Step 2: Under Chat Window, navigate to Offline Message. You will find two options - Custom Fields and URL. Custom Fields provides you with a template that you can customize with several fields to create a survey meant to be used when the chat is offline. On the other hand, URL option enables you to add a link of a an existing survey that you want to use as an Offline Message form.



Step 2.1: The URL option allows you to integrate a survey either from ProProfs Survey Maker or from a third-party. Just add the URL in the URL text box and click Save.



Step 3: The Custom Fields option provides several customizable fields such as Header, Greeting, Post Submit Message, Offline Subject, and more. Each of these fields is explained below the following screenshot:



  1. Header - This tells the chat status; for example, in the preview it says "Chat is currently offline".
  2. Greeting - This is the text right below the Header and it prompts the user to leave a message.
  3. Post Submit Message - As the title suggests, it is an acknowledgement message after a user submits a message.
  4. Submit - This is the Submit button and can be named something else.
  5. Offline Subject - This is the subject of the email which is sent automatically to the operators, as a ticket, after a user submits an offline message.
  6. Email - Enter the email ID to receive a notification email whenever a user submits an offline message.
  7. Toggle several fields On/Off. You can also add and delete fields. Add a field by clicking the + Add Field option.


Screenshot below represents how the Add Field window looks like. Select which field you'd like to add by clicking the Type dropdown, givea a name to it, make it required if you want, and add a validation message along with it:



Clicking the Type dropdown displays all the available fields that you can add - Text, Textarea, Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown List, and Privacy Policy:



8. + Advanced - This option allows you to incorporate attachment and captcha verification fields. Their preview can be seen on the right, as shown in the screenshot below.



Finally, click Save when you're done creating your offline message form.


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