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How to Customize Offline Messages


 Customize offline message window with this option. You can add multiple fields like visitor email, name, phone number etc.


You can also use your own offline message window. Enter the URL of your personalized offline message window.


Follow the steps below to customize offline message:


Step 1- Log in to your Control Panel


Step 2- Click on Settings on your dashboard page



Step 3- Click on Offline Message under the Chat Window, this will open the Offline Message Form.



Step 4- Fill in the required details in the blank fields provided.



Step 5- Click +Add Filed to add custome fields in the Offline Message Form



Step 6-  Fill in the details of the custom fields in the given text boxes and click Save.



Step 7-  Click Advanced in order to include additional information.



Step 8-  Click Save to customize your offline message



You have successfully customized your offline message. 


More Live Chat Customization Options


Video About: How to Customize Your Live Chat Window






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