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How to Integrate CS-Cart With ProProfs Chat

Live Chat in CS-Cart

Bring together ProProfs live chat solution expertise with your CS-Cart based E-commerce website gives you the ultimate solution to engage with your customers in real-time. Integrate ProProfs Chat with CS Cart to provide real time customer support and monitor your website visitors at your maximum comfort. Turn opportunities into solid leads with ProProfs Chat.


How to integrate ProProfs with CS-Cart?


You can integrate ProProfs live chat to your CS-Cart website in just minutes without any hassle. What you need to do is just follow the below steps:


Step 1. Log into ProProfs Control Panel.


Step 2. Click Get Codes to Insert in your web page under Codes & Graphics for your webpage.


Step 3. Choose Codes for Graphics Status Display (Default).


Step 4. Click Get Code option & copy those codes.


Step 5. Log into admin of Cs-cart store.


Step 6. Then go to upper menu design→layout


Step 7. Now go to Manage Block and create new html block and add ProProfs live chat code in content section




Step 8. After that you add this block into your layout section




Step 9. Now live chat ready for your cs-cart store/website