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add chat to your website

Chat Transcripts API 

After chat session there are options available you can setup email address for automatically send chat transcript. 


Now you can also a system to post chat transcript automatically after each chat session to your application or 3rd party application. You can simply specify url address and other details. After each chat session, transcript will be posted to the url you specify, which you can add to your customer log etc.


Post transcript after chat session
l2s_id - Site ID,
l2s_sesid - Session ID,
l2s_ip - IP Address,
l2s_name - Visitor name,
l2s_email - Visitor email,
l2s_question- Question(Custom form)
l2s_logid - Operator ID
l2s_msg - Chat transcript text
l2s_date - Date of chat
& All custom variables passed from web page.