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How to Route Chats


Chat Routing enables you to decide how incoming chat requests are handled. You can set up chat routing time within which an operator can accept a request or let it transfer to the next available operator.


Our chat routing functionality is based on the round-robin concept. This means that a chat request goes to each operator according to their routing order. An operator can either accept the chat request or let it move on to the next operator.


Here's you can set up Chat Routing:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, go to the Operators tab.


1. Chat Routing: Enable this option. Doing so also allows you to set the Chat Routing Time. For example, if the chat routing time is 30 seconds, the incoming chat request will transfer to each available operator according to their Routing Order at an interval of 30 seconds. This chain breaks when an operator accepts the chat request.


2. Routing Order: You can set the order in which your operators will receive the incoming chat request. And it's simple, the operator at the top of the routing order is the first to receive the request, and so on.


Note: Chat Routing will not function if you enable the setting Allow Operator Selection.


Chat Routing according to departments


With ProProfs you can direct chats to specific departments (for example, Sales or Support) in order to streamline help service.


Once you enable departments, a department drop-down list will appear in Visitor Chat Window (pre-chat form). This allows visitors to choose which department they want to chat with, resulting in a more streamlined approach. 


If you don't want to display the department in the pre-chat form, you can also use the department-specific live chat codes on different web pages of your website.


Here are the steps to add and direct departments to your ProProfs Chat: 

Step 1: Under the Operators tab, click Departments.



Under Departments, do the following:


1. Enable the Departments setting.

2. Click the down arrow button under the column URL Rule to reveal the department chat code. For example, the department is Sales as shown in the screenshot above.

3. Copy the code and as its instruction says, paste it below the ProProfs Chat code on your website page related to that particular department.


Once you've set up the chat routing according to the departments, your operators within those departments will receive chat requests according to their routing order.




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