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Chat Rating Report


Video About: How to Monitor Your Chat Operator Performance


The Chat Rating Report displays the rating given by a visitor to an operator after a chat session.


This helps in evaluating the operators' performance and helps them to work on areas of improvement.


Here's how you can access chat rating report:


Navigate to the "Reports" tab from your dashboard, and select "Rating."  


Chat Rating: It provides a graphical data for the average rating recieved in a day. You can choose to view this data for the weekly and monthly average rating. Also, you can select to view the particular report of an operator.


Operator Rating: It shows the average rating of your operators, and helps in analyzing their performance.


Overall Average Rating: It provides the average rating maintained by your support team, and also how many chats were rated 'five stars,' 'four stars' and so on. 


Recently Rated Chats: Tabular data for every rated chat. You can download this data and also view the chat transcript for all rated chats.