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How to Set up Chat Greetings


Chat Greetings are proactive chat messages that let you welcome website visitors with custom messages based on user behavior.


A more personalized, and targeted chat invitation is the perfect way to start off a conversation and engage your website visitors. 


For example: Greet people who have spent at least 10 sec on your pricing page with "Do you have any questions about our pricing?" Greet people who are on your 'about' page with "Do you have any questions about our company?"


Here's a preview of how it will appear on your website:


Follow these steps to enable greetings for your visitors:


Step 1: Log into your chat account and click "Settings," then click "Greetings" from the vertical menu.



Step 2: To customize default greetings click the 'expand tab' or click "Create Greeting" to add a new greeting.   



Step 3: Switch the toggle button to "ON," enter a title for greeting in the text box, like "Spent 10 seconds on a page." Set up the conditions which should be met for this greeting to pop up. Enter the message in the 'greeting' text box, or you can use the default greeting. Click "Save" to enable chat greeting.


You can create unlimited greetings to cater your customer/visitor support better, set up greetings by setting up specific conditions for a more personalized and targeted chat invitation. In a way, every page on your website can have a personalized greeting to engage the visitors and turn them into customers. 

The conditions include:

  • Chat status: You can enable greeting for when chat is online, offline or for both online and offline chat. 
  • Set up greeting for 'time spent on current page,' a specific 'URL,' or for a returning visitor. 
  • On setting up the conditions, you can either choose to greet with a message or to expand the chat box. Chat Box expansion indirectly invites the visitor to seek help through live chat. 
  • Frequency: Setting the frequency to "Single" will allow greeting to appear once in a session while setting it to "Multiple" will allow greeting to appear every time the page is reloaded or visited. 


Enable Sound Notification: Navigate to "Settings"-----> "General"-----> "Sound," and enable sound for 'Greetings' and click "Save" to implement the changes. 


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