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How to Set up Chat Greetings


Chat Greetings are proactive chat messages that let you welcome website visitors with custom messages based on user behavior.


A more personalized, and targeted chat invitation is the perfect way to start off a conversation and engage your website visitors. 


For example: Greet people who have spent at least 10 sec on your pricing page with "Do you have any questions about our pricing?" Greet people who are on your 'about' page with "Do you have any questions about our company?"


Here's a preview of how it will appear on your website:


Follow these steps to enable greetings for your visitors:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, click Settings.



Step 2: In the left pane, click Greetings under the option Chat Window. Then proceed to create a new greeting by clicking the + Create Greeting button. You can also choose one of the greeting templates - Spent 10 seconds on a page and Returning Visitor.



Step 3: Clicking the + Create Greeting button expands to show various greeting settings, as shown in the screenshot below.



These settings are:

  1. Give a name to the greeting.
  2. Choose the chat status for the greeting to pop up. There are three chat statuses that you can choose from:
    • Chat is online
    • Chat is offline
    • Chat is online or offline
  3. Choose the condition that will trigger the greeting. There are four conditions that you can choose from:
    • Time spent on current page
    • Time spent on website
    • User visited at least
    • Returning visitor
    • URL
  4. Choose how you'd like the greeting to appear. You can choose between Greet With Message and Expand the Chat Box. In case you choose Greet With Message, you can enter your custom message in the text box below it.
  5. Choose how often you'd like the greeting to pop up.

Finally, make sure to toggle the greeting On in order to activate it.



Step 4: Click Save when you're done creating a greeting.



Step 5: You can enable sound notification that your website visitor will hear when the greeting pops up. To do that, go to General >> Sound and switch the Greetings setting to Yes. Click Save when you're done.







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