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Advanced Tracking

This option enables you to pass custom information as variables from your web pages to ProProfs Chat.


You can pass custom id, order information related to the customer or any other information available in your database to ProProfs.



Custom information will be available to support operators in visitor monitoring window as well as chat window. It helps the support operator to know the visitor’s specific information as soon as a chat is accepted. See the images below:



For example, you can pass customer name, order no. and city.


  • In "Add a Custom Variables & Values" window, you can type the customer name and in the second box you can type the name of customer or the name of variable.


  • If you are using PHP then the variable would be: <?=$sVariable; ?> or if you are using ASP then <%=$ sVariable %>


  • This way you can pass any number of variable information. After adding all the variables click on "Done" and "Add a Custom Variables & Values" window will be close.


  • The following codes would be visible in your ProProfs Chat codes additionally:


      var l2s_cv='cname=<?=$custname;?>;l2scv;caddress=<?=$custadd;?>;l2scv;ccity=<?=$city;?>';


  • In this case, your web page must substitute information correctly for your own scripting variables: $custname, $custadd, $city. Click on Get Code button now, copy all code, and paste them in your web pages.


Invisible Tracking

For Invisible Tracking, just copy and paste the code on the page of your website before </body> tag.