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How to Manage Ad Campaigns

The visitors coming through ad campaign are the paid visitors, so the main goal of support operator is to convert those site visitors into customers.


With this feature, you can determine:

  • Which advertising source is beneficial for you.
  • Which source is providing maximum visitors. 
  • Where you should invest your advertising budget & where you should decrease your budget. 
  • what kind of strategies you should opt to increase your advertisement & promotion.


In this feature, you can set a specific color for each source, so that in visitor monitoring window, you can determine which source is fetching you visitors. Then you can set your advertising budget accordingly.



How to Add Ad Campaign in your Live Support

Add/Edit Ad Campaign allows you to Add/Edit campaigns for your website. This feature helps you to add and save campaigns for future use. Once created, Campaigns can be edited at any time through Add/Edit Ad Campaign option from Customization and Preferences options.


To set up a list of Campaigns:

  • Login to ProProfs Chat Control Panel.
  • Click on Add/Edit Ad Campaign under Preference and Setting. This takes you to the Add/Edit Ad Campaign page which displays a list of campaigns that you have already set. You can add a new campaign by clicking on the Add/Edit Ad Campaign link at the top right side of the page.


Add New Campaign

This takes you to the Add Campaign page.

  • Code: Paste code for new ad campaign.
  • Define Color: Assign a color to a particular campaign so that visitor’s IP from that campaign can be displayed in that color in visitor monitoring window.
  • Brief Description: Describe new ad campaign.
  • Click Add Campaign to save ad campaign.
  • Click Reset to reset all fields and start over again.


You can edit previously set Predefined Ad Campaigns from Add/Edit Advertisement Campaigns page. Add/Edit Advertisement Campaign page displays a list of predefined campaigns with links to Edit, Delete or get the code for that campaign.


Edit: This link opens the campaign for editing. You can modify any of the information in Ad Campaign using this option.



Delete: Delete Ad Campaign and remove it from the list of campaigns.


Get Code: Facilitates getting code for ad campaign from an external source.



To get the codes for external use, click on get codes. A window will pop-up where you need to give URL of website for which you have started campaigning and click on the continue button after which you will get codes for external use, which you can paste in the page where you want to display an ad of your website. This code will be pasted where you will paste the URL address of a landing page. This will count the number of visitors that are coming from that ad campaign.



This is the URL that you need to place on your landing page along with the advertisement.








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