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How Do I Add & Use Canned Messages in Live Chat


Canned Responses are predefined messages that are used to respond to some common questions and situations. For example, welcoming a visitor, thanking the visitor for waiting for your response, requesting a visitor to wait for an appropriate response, and so on.


Canned Responses allow you to respond to such scenarios in a single click without requiring you to write the same reply repeatedly.



Here's how you can create and add Canned Responses in Chat:


Step 1: From your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, go to Settings >> General >> Canned Responses and click Add New.


Add Canned Responses in Live Chat


Step 2: You can create a new response by adding a shortcut and the text. Alternatively, you can select from a list of predefined messages.


Select Pre-defined Messages


Step 2.1: Clicking Select Pre-defined Messages opens up the following window. Save when you're done and your new Canned Response is now ready to use.


Use Canned Response to Reduce Response Time


In case you want to edit or delete a Canned Response, simply click on the corresponding icon of the response you want to edit or delete.


Edit/Delete Canned Response


To use Canned Responses, go to the Operator Chat Window and you'll find all the Canned Responses you've prepared under the Canned tab. Click the required shortcut title, for example, Welcome, and the corresponding Canned Response will appear on your dialogue box.


Use Canned Response to Answer your Customer Query Faster